Chiefs now favored over Bengals after more line movement in AFC Championship Game.

It’s been a  roller coaster of  a week for  those who  follow the  point spreads  in the NFL.

The  latest line  movement has the Chiefs  favored over the Bengals  by a  point, and at  some  sports books 1. 5 points,  as the  news  continues to  look  good on Patrick Mahomes‘ injured ankle.

The Chiefs opened as favorites  in the AFC Championship Game. The  the line shifted and the Bengals  became favorites. And now it’s  back to the Chiefs  again.

All the  news out of Kansas City the  last  two days has indicated that Mahomes is  moving  around  well  on the  practice  field and isn’t  likely to be  significantly impacted  by his  high ankle sprain, and that’s why the Chiefs  are now  favored. But  the line  movement all week  how  volatile the  betting  market is  on this game, and any rumors that Mahomes is hobbling  could  result in the Bengals being  favored  again  before kickoff.

Chiefs now  favored over Bengals after  more line  movement in AFC Championship Game  originally  appeared on Pro Football Talk shows.



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